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A psychological test (assessment) forms an important part of the selection procedure of many organizations. Therefore, it is an excellent tool to assess the potential of a candidate for a new position or promotion. For advices on choice of study and career choice, as well as career planning, assessments also form a good starting point.

The psychologists employed by ADVANCE are registered with the Dutch Association of Psychologists (‘NIP’), and therefore we perform the tests in accordance with the professional code drawn up by the NIP.

The following types of tests are performed by ADVANCE.

Selection test

As part of a recruitment and selection procedure, one or several candidates are tested extensively for personality and skills. The test is adjusted to the selection criteria of the organization and follows the job profile. After the test has been performed, a clear link is established between the test results and this job profile in the report. What tests are used depends on the objectives and mostly on the behavioral dimensions about which information is desired. The choice is closely related to the prior job analysis. A so-called assessment center may be an effective method, notably for candidates for senior management positions, while emphasizing the direct observation of behavior by making use of simulations, role-play, or specific assignments (inter alia ‘in-basket’).

Potential test (strengths/weaknesses analysis)

You want to assess the competence level of an employee with a view to possible future growth. For that purpose, we perform a strengths/weaknesses analysis, based on which the candidate can work together with the organization on the competences to be developed.

Career survey test

Based on a test of skills, competences, and experience, on the one hand, and wishes as regards personal development and work-life balance, on the other, the candidate can be given a clarifying picture about the correctness of the road taken and the possibility of adjusting the direction of his/her career.

Workplace survey

When working as a team, issues may occur, which affect the atmosphere, productivity, and even the results. It is not always possible to immediately identify these issues. A workplace survey can give a clear picture of the relationships and perceptions within the team regarding co-workers and workplace. This can be used as a starting point for improvements.

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