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Building Stronger Teams: What is on your agenda for 20fifTEAM?

Written by advance on . Posted in Business Practices, Development & Coaching, Employee Engagement, Human Resources, Leadership, Management, Motivation, Strategy, Talent Management


This past year, ADVANCE has had the opportunity to work with great organizations on their Team Building efforts, in Aruba as well as on the other islands within the Dutch Caribbean. Based on what we have been observing, companies have started to realize the benefits of “real” teambuilding.

While some might think that teambuilding is just about playing games and having a good time together, we assure you that this is not the case. Yes, team building can still be loads of fun, but fun with a purpose.  We have found that increasingly there is one common topic amongst our clients for their teambuilding sessions. That topic is Taking Ownership at Work. We will make the assumption, and truly hope that we’re completely wrong about this, that as managers we’ve all regretfully heard this infamous line before …”that’s not my job or responsibility”. Don’t we all just dread hearing those words?

Taking ownership means that as an individual you hold yourself accountable for your actions, your role and added value to the company. It is about backing up your actions with commitment and keeping your word.

So, how do you work on creating Team Ownership? It starts with … “what can I do to improve results?” and develops into “what can WE do as a team to improve results?” While individual contribution is encouraged in the workplace, it is the joint effort of a team that leads to the success of a company.

Developing ownership within a team, for the team, and from the team will allow you as leaders to focus on the bigger picture; your company’s success. Success doesn’t come suddenly. It takes time and a strong team to get there. Team building is about inviting them on this journey.

Team building, done well, is NOT a waste of money and energy. It is about improving interpersonal, professional relations, understanding and respect for each other. It is about building trust and creating a work environment for your employees that is motivating and supportive. It is a process that takes place over time. Team building starts with a group of people and a leader. At the end you’ll find a high performing team, with employees who are highly motivated and willing to work together on reaching that common goal. They’ll have a feeling of great satisfaction from shared achievements.

Now the question is…”What are YOU doing to build a stronger team? What is on your agenda for 20fifTEAM?

ADVANCE offers a broad range of possibilities, depending on the client’s needs and expectations. Our goal is to help work groups evolve into a cohesive unit. We believe in creating a trusting and supportive environment where participants are able to share their expectations. Our TEAM BUILDING programs consist of active assignments and fun activities, focused on learning, sharing and experiencing.

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