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Inspirational Leaders vs Micro Managers

Written by advance on . Posted in Employee Engagement, Human Resources, Leadership, Management, Motivation

Oct 9 2014 by  John White,  Innovative B2B Marketing & Sales Executive

My job is to make them better. – Steve Jobs Recently, I published two articles regarding corporate management strategies, and the impact they have on a company’s effectiveness. The first article titled, “7 Management Traits that Will Make All Your Employees Quit,” addressed how poor management can lead to a high employee turnover rate. In this article, I told the story about how a bad manager I had in the past caused all the employees to quit and led to the shutdown of a regional office. In the second article titled, “7 Traits of Great Leaders,” I discussed the flip side of the equation on how good management encourages employee retention, increases productivity, and promote innovation. The response I got from readers was tremendous.

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