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Our experience and approach lead to a practical and effective advice, also in complex cases. Where necessary, we can call in the services of strategic partners in the area of information technology, actuarial services, taxation, accounting and payroll administration, and executive coaching.

Organizational development and change

The corporate sector has to respond to changes in the market more often and increasingly faster. This sets high requirements on the competence level of the management and employees, as well as on the flexibility in the staffing capacity. Commercial, financial, and logistical issues usually determine the discussions about responding to market changes, whereas the consequences for the employees are often underestimated. However, the organization could pay dearly for postponing or canceling unpopular staff matters.

ADVANCE advises and coaches organizations that are ready for changes in organizational structure, staff composition, and the like. Furthermore, we can also take care of some specialist matters, such as the preparation of documentation and correspondence with external agencies, as well as mediation in change and outplacement processes.

Job description and evaluation

Both employers and employees profit from a fair remuneration structure, based on the value the job represents within the organization. In actual practice, it still turns out, however, that many salaries are rather based on years of service, loyalty, and ad hoc decisions in the past. After some time has passed, inconsistent remuneration systems often lead to dissatisfaction among the employees and lack of clarity among the management.

A good and consistent remuneration policy starts with a clear job system. ADVANCE offers support for the implementation of the system or develops an in-house system together with the organization, which is perfectly consistent with the specific job characteristics and business culture.

Performance and assessment systems

Holding periodic performance interviews and annual assessment interviews provides clarity between employer and employee about their mutual expectations and degree of satisfaction; in theory that means, because practice often differs. Systems often turn out to be too complex and more focused on managing the annual salary increases than on motivating and developing employees.

ADVANCE develops simple and efficient systems that offer the organization a tool to measure the performance of employees in an objective manner and also to address the aspects of motivation and competence development. Of course, the implementation of these systems goes hand in hand with training and coaching the managers involved.

Working regulations

A clear overview containing all rules, procedures, and agreements with regard to the staff may avoid a lot of headache. Working regulations provide employees and managers with answers to all daily and less frequent questions, such as sickness reports, work schedules, vacation applications, pension scheme, bonus schemes, assessment interviews, etc.

ADVANCE draws up working regulations for your organization, which satisfy your wishes and comply with the statutory provisions and limitations. This results in attractive regulations that are also actually read by employees.

Compensation & benefits

The ideal combination of salary and fringe benefits motivates and avoids losing the best employees. For they are crucial to maintaining the ‘competitive edge’ of an organization. On the other hand, this same system could encourage the moderate performers to improve their performance level or to take the honorable way out.

ADVANCE can assist you in the development of a system on terms and conditions of employment (including salaries, fringe benefits, incentives, bonus system, etc.), which is both competitive within the market and also remains affordable to the organization. Ideally, we progress from the job classification that ensues from aforementioned job evaluation.

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