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Decision-making on coaching or training. More than just a matter of the number of participants

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Training and coaching are tools for improvement of management and employees that are often talked about. But in practice, what approach is the most efficient? To answer that question we must first take a look at the differences between training and coaching.

So what are the main differences between training and coaching? TRAINING focuses on developing specific skills like for example: having a sales conversation, dealing with complaints, conversations with non-performing employees, delegating and negotiating techniques.

During a training knowledge is shared, structures and approaches are given and skills are practiced with a larger group of people who after this training are well prepared to start putting the things learned into practice. Training is a great method to develop skills and ‘general’ approaches for larger groups of employees.

COACHING focuses on developing and honing specific skills and competences in relation to the strengths, weaknesses and personality of the coachee and the specific demands of their job. The repetitive nature of coaching and the fact that all coaching takes place in the ‘now’ and deals with actual situations makes this a powerful tool for development and many times actual improvement on essential weaknesses.

Which one or maybe both? 

change training or coaching
Based on the previous it all depends on what are the results needed:

  • Developing skills and approaches that will benefit more of your managers or employees training will be an effective and efficient solution;
  • Developing and honing specific skills or individual problem area’s in line with the personality and specific and actual work conditions will be better served with a coaching approach.

In some cases the best approach is using both where the basics are laid down during the training and the individual implementation is supported by a coach.

ADVANCE is the official partner of DOOR International in terms of Training & Coaching programs for the Dutch Caribbean. DOOR is a global training provider, with more than 20 years of experience. DOOR operates in more than 55 countries worldwide, has over 1000 certified trainers and provides its training programs in 35 languages. We provide you with management and leadership training and coaching on an international level, tailor-made to your special situation and local market conditions.

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