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How do you optimize the results of your talent in practice?

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DevelopmentWhiteBoardOrganizations today are competing in two markets – one for their products and services, and the other for the “talent” required producing or performing them.

There are a number of very practical steps one can take to optimize the results of your pool of talent.

Getting results from talent takes knowledge, skills and motivation. The first step is to determine the knowledge, skills and motivation needed for a specific job. Based on assessment or experience, the second step is determining the gap between the actual and the desired state. Once it is clear where specific knowledge needs to be enhanced and what skills needs to be further developed the third step is to develop a development program for the employee(s) where we can make use of tailor made training and/or coaching.

Based on the specific gap determined and the specific organization a training program can be developed to meet the needs of several employees combined or a coaching program focuses on the development of the individual employee.

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By following these steps you can ensure that you improve on your talent in an effective and result oriented way without wasting resources on non-relevant programs.

Author: Advance Human Resource Services, November 2014



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