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AHRA Meeting : Performance Management; Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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IMG_9444Performance Management is the talk of the business world right now. As companies realize the struggle of implementing and maintaining a functioning performance management system, many are aligning their strategies and we see new trends emerging.For too long performance management has been viewed as a ‘once-a-year’ meeting by many organizations. However, many have come to realize the importance of having performance management as an ongoing process. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of the performance management system does not rely solely on the system itself. For a system to work, what you need as a company are good and effective managers. Great managers give regular feedback to employees on their work and provide continues coaching in order to improve their performance as they go. As an organization you will benefit best by focusing your performance management strategy on achieving goals instead of only meeting salary grades.

During the General Meeting of Aruba Human Resources Association, Mr. Johan Noordzij gave an insightful presentation on this topic. Ideas on best practices where shared and the importance of having a well-executed performance management in place was elaborated on. One important take away during this presentation was the ‘forward-looking’ performance reviews – focusing more on development and coaching and less on assessment and grading.

We are available if you have any questions or need assistance in making your Performance Management work effectively for you!


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