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The recruitment and selection of the appropriate candidate often require particular skills. It is not uncommon for a new employee to leave the organization after a few months already. Sometimes because knowledge and skills turn out to be insufficient, sometimes because certain commitments are not (cannot be) fulfilled, but often because the new employee’s personality does not seem to fit in the existing team and/or organizational culture. Professional recruitment and selection will increase the chance of successful employment and integration and, at the same time, minimize the eventual costs of recruitment, business orientation, and training.


Our recruitment and selection activities will begin after having formed a complete picture of the position and profile, on the one hand, and the organization, corporate culture, and management style, on the other.

Our recruitment method combines:

  • database search;
  • media and internet search;
  • executive search (headhunting);
  • our local and international network.

Potential candidates are screened and interviewed. References are also checked. If necessary, we use our testing tools to see to what extent candidates fit in your organization and are suitable for the job in so far as his/her personality and competences are concerned. Eventually, only ‘the best’ candidates will be introduced to you.


In general, we are able to place the appropriate candidate within two months.

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