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Cultural Accountability

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What does Cultural Accountability mean to you?
What would it mean for you, your team and your organization if you improved accountability?
How do you measure your own accountability, and that of others?

Target Group
This training is designed for leaders wishing to improve their own accountability and that of their team and their organization.

We take a practical approach to this program, sharing best practice and helping people make choices. The program has many exercises where participants interact with one another, in discussion sessions and structured activities. There is also time set aside for personal working and reflection. We encourage participants to bring their own challenges to the table, and work on them throughout the program, enabling real solutions to emerge.


Focus on Personal & Team Results
Accountability .v. Responsibility
Behaviors of Accountable People
Continuous Improvement Cycle
Giving & Receiving Feedback

Training Objectives

At the end of this training program, participants will be able to:

1.Define accountability in their own frame of reference
2.Understand the impact of their own beliefs on their accountability, and that of others
3.Act in new and different ways to improve their own accountability, and that of others
4.Implement a continuous improvement cycle to improve their accountability, and that of others
5.Give and receive feedback more effectively

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