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Your Employees’ Emotions Are Clues to What Motivates Them

Written by advance on . Posted in Employee Engagement, Human Resources, Motivation

MAY15_18_453776702Source: HBR.com. Author: Art Markman, PhD.

One goal of developing emotional intelligence is to better understand the people around you. This can help you to interact with them more effectively and to understand what they want. It can also help you understand people’s motivations, which even they themselves might have trouble articulating.

Inspirational Leaders vs Micro Managers

Written by advance on . Posted in Employee Engagement, Human Resources, Leadership, Management, Motivation

Oct 9 2014 by  John White,  Innovative B2B Marketing & Sales Executive

My job is to make them better. – Steve Jobs Recently, I published two articles regarding corporate management strategies, and the impact they have on a company’s effectiveness. The first article titled, “7 Management Traits that Will Make All Your Employees Quit,” addressed how poor management can lead to a high employee turnover rate. In this article, I told the story about how a bad manager I had in the past caused all the employees to quit and led to the shutdown of a regional office. In the second article titled, “7 Traits of Great Leaders,” I discussed the flip side of the equation on how good management encourages employee retention, increases productivity, and promote innovation. The response I got from readers was tremendous.

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