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The Art of Successful Hiring – Using the DiSC Tool

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the-joy-of-not-fitting-inOn the 16th of March, 2017 the Workshop “The Art of Successful Hiring – Using the DiSC Tool” was presented to a group of Aruban HR Professionals.

Finding the best possible people to fit well and contribute productively within your company culture is both a challenge and an opportunity. Hire the wrong fit and you have made a costly decision; hire the right fit and you have made a great investment. The selection of potential employees continues to be a challenge for both human resource professionals and business owners. The saying ‘Hire for Attitude…Train for Aptitude’ developed over the years as hiring for just knowledge and skills did not lead to the right hires. Yet, selecting candidates for the right attitude has not proven to be easy either.

The DiSC Tool is a simple and cost effective assessment tool that provides a way for you to enhance your ability to find people who are likely to perform well and remain happy at work. Humans are wired to behave in certain ways. Using the DiSC Tool will provide you with a behavior profile that explains how your potential hire will act and respond in many environments.

Should you have any questions about the DiSC tool or any other type of assessments, please do not hesitate to contact us here at ADVANCE.



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