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Characteristic of a productive cooperation is open and fair communication, while trusting and respecting each other. Our team building programs are focused on getting to know each other’s qualities and capacities, based on which strong communication and effective cooperation can be worked on. The experience and insights acquired during these programs should, of course, be applied in the work place. The facilitating and coaching skills of the manager are of crucial importance to this. In addition to team building programs, we therefore also offer managers training and coaching.

Team Building

ADVANCE offers professional, customized Team Building programs. We offer a broad range of possibilities, depending on our client’s needs and expectations. Our goal is to help work groups evolve into a cohesive unit. We believe in creating a trusting and supportive environment where participants are able to share their expectations. Our team building programs consist of active assignments and fun activities, focused on learning, sharing and experiencing. Our facilitators has ample education and experience in the field of Human Resource Management, Organization Development, Customer Service and Hospitality Management. Our services are characterized by a philosophy of ‘Commitment, Respect, and Ethics’.

Each activity is followed by feedback, and links are established between actual practice and the work place. The participants thus obtain an understanding of the following:

  • their own strengths and their own behavior;
  • the strengths of co-workers;
  • how they are viewed by co-workers.

The result of a team building event depends on the time and program. Important objectives when preparing a program are:

  • Cooperation, Communication, and Engagement;
  • Getting to know each other better and not being scared and being willing to trust each other;
  • Dealing with changes and understanding that personal differences could be a tool for this;
  • Striving for (personal) improvement by means of developments within the group.

Developing ownership within a team, for the team, and from the team will allow you as leaders to focus on the bigger picture; your company’s success. Success doesn’t come suddenly. It takes time and a strong team to get there. Team building is about inviting them on this journey.


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