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Advance Workshops

Providing you with practical and relevant information & tools for more effective HR Management

Advance HRS is organizing workshops on HR topics with relevance for the Aruban work environment and labor market. These workshops are intensive, to the point and interactive, addressing some common or more challenging HR topics and trends while focusing on further development of your HR skills.

Target Group(s):

In order to keep the workshop setting as relevant as possible, the workshops are organized in three levels:

  1. Workshops on a more basic level and open to starting HR officers and/or everyone interested to learn more about the HR instruments and practices within the Aruban context.
  2. Workshops on an advanced level and open for more experienced HR professionals with at least 4 years of experience in an HR Management level.
  3. Specialized workshops for seasoned HR managers, focusing on a specific topic of interest.

Upcoming workshop topics:

Sign up today: Registration Form Second Quarter 2016.

We extent 20% discount to HR professionals and enthusiasts who enroll in 3 or more workshops per quarter. Discount only applies if registration and payment is confirmed 5 days prior to start of the first workshop. 

Our Address

Wayaca 31 A Oranjestad,

Aruba Tel: (297) 583-1338 Fax: (297) 583-8250