You’re fired! Sorry, you’re hired! Nevermind…

So, now that we have your attention: Welcome to Advance’s first blog. We look forward to challenge, inform and entertain you about HR related matters in our bi-monthly blog. Human Resources matters can be very confusing, therefore in our blogs we’ll present real case issues with the intention to start up meaningful conversations or challenge your intellectual capacity about a company’s biggest asset: its employees.

For some, the area of HR may seem like a part of the company that is of less importance. For others, it might seem boring. They could not be farther from the truth. A company with unhappy, and therefore unmotivated employees, will not be successful in maximizing all of its human potentials. This situation will have in short or in long term a significant impact on the profitability of the company. We’ll bring tips, advice and present clear structures that you could adopt in order to improve your company’s efficiency, by just applying a few changes.

The Aruban labor market often offers beautiful growth possibilities in a variety of positions. You don’t have to get bored in your current job because probably without you being aware of it, there are a lot of other possibilities available, they’re just not being published. The recruiters are looking thou. It’s important therefore for professionals to keep their CV up to date – especially on platforms like LinkedIn – so you are visible to recruiters. Your dream job might be just one click away.

ADVANCE HR GROUP is an all-round service agency active in the broad area of Human Resources. Our services are concentrated on Aruba and the Dutch Caribbean, where we support both the corporate sector and nonprofit organizations and the government. Our work is based on our broad experience within the area of Human Resources, and our services are characterized by a philosophy of ‘Commitment, Respect, and Ethics’. We have established a well-known and well respected reputation as being one of the best head-hunters firms on the island.

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