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Welcome, ADVANCE is an all-round service agency active in the broad area of Human Resources. Our services are concentrated on Aruba and the Dutch Caribbean islands, where we support the corporate sector, nonprofit organizations and the government.

Seminar: The Sense and Non-Sense of Assessments

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The sense and nonsense of assessments

Within Aruban organizations, assessments have long been used in the selection of external candidates when filling a vacancy. In recent years there has also been a positive trend in assessing internal candidates as a part of the growth and development process within their company. It is safe to say that assessments have become an increasingly popular tool within the HR hiring  and career development process.

However, the use of the assessment tool is sometimes applied less effectively or even unnecessarily and valuable insights and recommendations concerning a candidate remain unused. Incorrect  use of the assessment tool is likely to lead  to frustration from either candidate or the organization.

upcoming workshop December 7, 2017: HR Workflow Management

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In this workshop we will address the value and benefits of managing and documenting HR workflows.

The HR department has one of the broadest reaches in any organization with a relatively high volume of processes and company-wide policies that touch everyone in the organization. Therefore, having clear HR workflows in place is particularly important when rolling out new HR instruments or when implementing an HRM software application. Without clear process workflows and consensus of roles and accountabilities, it will be hard to guarantee a smooth transition.

Seminar: De zin en onzin van assessments

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De zin en onzin van assessmentsBinnen Arubaanse organisaties worden persoonlijkheidsassessments reeds lange tijd gebruikt in het proces van selectie van externe kandidaten bij het vullen van een vacature. De laatste jaren is er ook een positieve trend ten aanzien van assessments van interne kandidaten in het proces van carrièregroei  en ontwikkeling. Het assessment vormt daarmee een steeds populairder instrument binnen de HR- instroom en doorstroom processen.

Het gebruik van het assessment instrument wordt soms echter ook minder effectief of zelfs onnodig toegepast. Waardevolle inzichten en aanbevelingen over een kandidaat blijven dan ongebruikt.  Daarnaast  kan onjuist gebruik van het assessment- instrument leiden  tot frustratie bij  de kandidaat of  de organisatie.

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